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Friday, November 28, 2014

Mushrooms Sauteed with Chickpeas

(Alanya - Alanya Usulu Mantar Kavurma)

Mushroom Saute with Chickpeas
~25 medium-size mushrooms, cleaned, sliced
1/4 cup onion, sliced
1/3 cup canned chickpeas, rinsed
3-4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp butter
2-3 tbsp tomato paste
1/4 cup water

Saute the onion with olive oil and butter for 2-3 minutes. Add the tomato paste and continue to saute for 2 more minutes. Then, add in the mushrooms, chickpeas and water. Season with salt and pepper. Saute 4-5 more minutes at medium heat while stirring occasionally.

Serve while still warm.



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