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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mastic Milk Pudding with Labne

(Labneli Sakızlı Muhallebi - Istanbul)

Mastic Milk Pudding with Labne
12 Petit Beurre biscuits (2 biscuits for each bowl)

Mastic Milk Pudding:
1 1/2 cups milk 3%
3/4 cup whipping cream 35%
1/2 cup sugar
2 egg yolks
3 tbsp flour, all purpose
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp mastic, roll glass on the mastic to make it powdery (or use mortar)
1 tsp butter, unsalted
250 g Labne cheese

Hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachio, crumbled
Fresh fruits
Jam or marmalade

Place 2 biscuits at the bottom of each bowl.

To prepare the milk pudding; place all the ingredients except Labne cheese and butter in a medium-size cooking pot. Stir constantly to make it thick enough. Then add the butter, continue to cook for about one more minute while stirring. Remove it from the stove, let it cool down a little bit. Beat Labne cheese at low speed or use a small egg-beater.

Pour into the individual serving bowls. Let it cool down first. Cover and refrigerate. Garnish the muhallebi with nuts or fresh fruits or jam and serve.

6 servings.

*Labne cheese: a soft, cream cheese made from strained yogurt. Labne is easy to make and low in calories, making it the perfect alternative to traditional cream cheese. Labne can be used just as you would normally use cream cheese, as a spread on bagels or a dip for your favorite fruit and vegetables.

Bairam Menu:
-Artichoke Soup, Lamb Pilaf with Morello Cherry, Grape Rolls with Artichokes in Olive Oil, Roasted Eggplant Salad - Antep Style, Börek with Soda Water, Fresh Flat Beans Fritter and Mastic Milk Pudding with Labne with Turkish Coffee on the side.



At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Binnur.
I have one question thought. How can you get so green pistachio? Even the Antep pistachio is not so green. Do you soak them in water or do something else to be like that?

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

The harvest steamed & peeled Antep pistachio has bright stunning green colour. So it is the genuine ground Antep pistachio:)

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Nisa-mom said...

Hello Binnur,
Thank you for sharing the recipe , so perfect for Ramadan during summer in US - it's pretty hot here. My question is what subtitute for Mastic? Any effect if we skip this ingredients ? I've never see mastic at International store here :(

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

Hello Nisa-mom,
Thank you, I thought the dairy dessert would be a good choice for the hot summer days:) It is pretty delicious even without mastic; just skip it and don't worry about the taste:)

At 4:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that fresh "young" pistachios are very green in colour.

At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It must be delicious!

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Binnur hanim,thank you for a very elegant dessert. It was delicious.However,I could not find it under dairy desserts.I searched in google for it and found the recipe because I remember seeing it once on your website. Thank you,Zeyneb

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Binnur said...

Merhaba Zeyneb,
Thank you:) Actually, it can be found under "dairy desserts". You might try again:)


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