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Friday, May 30, 2014

Potatoes with Yogurt and Poached Eggs

(Borana - Antalya)

Potatoes with Yogurt and Poached Eggs
2 medium size yellow potatoes, peeled, diced
Sunflower oil

Garlic-Yogurt Sauce:
1/2 cup plain Turkish yogurt, at room temperature
1 garlic clove, mashed with salt

Poached Eggs:
2 eggs
2 cups water
1 tbsp vinegar

1 tbsp butter
Red pepper flakes

Fry the potatoes in sunflower oil. Afterwards, place on a paper towel to soak up any extra oil.

In the meantime, boil the water with salt and vinegar in a medium pot. After bubbling, turn down the heat to medium-low. Crack the eggs into the water side by side. Cover and let the eggs cook for 3 minutes.

Place the potatoes on a serving platter, season with salt and pepper. Arrange yogurt on top of it. Take the eggs out of water with a perforated spoon, place them over yogurt.

Melt the butter in a small skillet. Pour over the eggs when it starts bubbling. Season with salt and pepper flakes.

Serve this dish while still hot with the freshly baked Turkish bread. It is great to have as breakfast or as light lunch:)



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