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Friday, June 28, 2013

Turkish Pastrami and Sujuk with Eggs

(Pastirmali-Sucuklu Yumurta)

Turkish Pastrami and Sujuk with Eggs
A few slices of Turkish Pastrami, break into 2-3 pieces with your hands
A few slices of sujuk
1 tbsp butter
1-2 eggs

Melt the butter and place the sujuk slices on the skillet. Cook for about a minute over low heat. Then turn each slice over quickly with a fork. Add the pastrami in it and crack the eggs. When the egg white is cooked turn the heat off!

Serve Turkish Pastrami and Sujuk with Eggs with freshly baked Turkish bread and Turkish Tea for breakfast or lunch or brunch on weekends:)

* You can store Sujuk in the freezer. Remove the skin, slice them up and place them in Ziploc bags. Keep in the freezer. You don't need to defrost when you want to cook them.



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