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Friday, May 06, 2011

Lemon Marmalade

(Limon Marmeladi)

Lemon Marmalade
4 large sized lemon
4 1/2 cup water
2 cup sugar

Cut in half the lemons, squeeze the juice out. Place 4 1/2 cup water, lemon juice and lemon shell into the large pot. Cook for about 1 hr to 1 1/2 hr until the shells are softened. Strain, discard the deposit over the strainer. Measure the juice (mine was 2 cups) and put the same amount of sugar into the pot. Stir with the wooden spoon until the sugar dissolves. Then continue to cook at medium-low heat for about 20* minutes. Turn the heat off.

Let it cool down for about 20 minutes. Place the Lemon Marmalade in a clean jar with the lid. Store in a dark and cool place.

Lemon Marmalade has sweet-bitter and sour taste. It is great to serve with the Brie cheese, sultana raisin and walnuts:)The appearance of lemon marmalade is more likely a jelly, not jam;)

*Take one spoon from jam on a cold plate, if it is not runny and stays, then it's done.



At 4:58 AM, Anonymous Mary Ka said...

It must be very tasty! Especially with lamb or with prawns.


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