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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facebook Fan Page

We now have a fan page on Facebook! Check it out here and please make sure to 'like' it :)

Soon we'll be adding 'like' buttons on individual recipe posts too.

Happy New Year!


At 4:58 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Liked you in Facebook. Thanks for the head up! :D

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

When I was in Iraq, I had several Turkish gentleman working for me. They cooked for me every other night and it was the best eating I had when I was overseas. They made a Cold Cucumber Soup, do you have the recipie for this. I know it had Cucumber, Creamy white sauce and maybe mint?

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Binnur said...

Hi Andrew,
It is called Cacik. I've already posted the recipe under the Appetizers section.
Here is the address;


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