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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fried Green Peppers with Garlic-Yogurt Sauce

(Yogurtlu Biber Kizartmasi)

Fried Green Peppers with Yogurt Sauce
4 Cubanelle Peppers
For frying:
1/2 cup sunflower oil

Garlic-Yogurt Sauce:
1 cup plain Turkish Yogurt
1-2 garlic cloves, mashed with 1 pinch salt

Place sunflower oil in a medium-sized skillet. When the oil heats up, fry the peppers on both sides until golden brown. While you're frying the pepper, cover it with a paper towel since the oil will spit. Afterwards, place on a paper towel and wait until they cool down. Then peel off the thin layer of skin with your hands. Meanwhile, remove the seeds from the pepper.

Place the peppers on a serving platter. Serve chilled or at room temperature with Garlic Yogurt Sauce. Try serving this dish with Turkish bread.



At 3:08 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I love cubanelle peppers. How much salt do you recommend for the Yogurt Sauce?

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous niaraga said...

ahh bunu bir de turkiyedeki tazacik koy biberleri ile yapacaksin ki.....missssss.....


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