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Friday, January 19, 2007

Jerusalem Artichokes in Olive Oil

(Zeytinyagli Yer Elmasi)

Jerusalem Artichokes in Olive Oil
500 gr Jerusalem Artichokes, peeled, washed and cut in big chunks
1 onion, chopped
65 ml extra virgin olive oil (half for cooking, rest for after cooking)
1 small carrot, peeled, cut in bite sizes
2 tbsp rice, washed
1/4 cup dill, chopped (half for cooking, rest for garnish)
1/2 lemon juice
Juice of 1/2 an orange
1 1/2 cup hot water
1 tsp sugar

Saute the onion with olive oil in a medium sized pot for a few minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients with 1 1/2 cup of hot water. Cook for about 20 minutes over medium heat with the lid covered. After about 15 minutes check the vegetables and water. If necessary, add a little bit more hot water.

Let it cool down first in the pot. Then, place it on a serving dish. Sprinkle the remaining half of the dill and pour the rest of the olive oil all over and serve the Jerusalem Artichokes in Olive Oil at room temperature or chilled.

Meal Ideas:
- Lady's Thighs Kofte, Couscous and Tahini & Grape Molasses.



At 11:23 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

I just came across your blog today and I must say it's WONDERFUL! I'm half Persian and I love making Middle Eastern recipes, but don't come across a lot of new ones. I don't know which of yours to try first - they all look so good!

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

Hi Shera,
Thank you for the nice comment:) I hope you'll enjoy my recipes :)

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an American living in Turkey and I love using your cookbook especially when I have Turks over for dinner.
I just made the Zeytinyagli Yer Elmasi and it seemed like there was too much water in it. I wondered if the 500gr. of jerusalem articokes was supposed to be the weight after you peeled them. Since they are hard to peel and so much of them gets left behind, should I weigh them after they are peeled?

At 12:08 AM, Blogger Binnur said...

500 gr is market weight, I really don't know how much weight they lose
after peeling, it shouldn't be too much:) However you don't have to
weigh them again if they don't loose half of it..... just put the
water in slowly next time....if they loose half the weight, use half
the ingredients.

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sevgili binnur,
ben finlandiyali bir gazeteciyim, senin net'teki kitabin yeni buldum, cok hosuma i made "zeytinyagli yerelmasi" and used for that vegetables that i have grown myself and it was a success! i lived in turkey 90-98 and have learned even there to cook, but it is always nice to try new things!
elinizi saglik, kolay gelsin! leena.

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

Hi Leena,
Senin de eline saglik:) I am sure it's more delicious with your own grown yer elmasi.


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