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Friday, December 15, 2006

Turkish-style Zucchini Gratin

(Kabak Graten)

Turkish-style Zucchini Gratin
3 small zucchini

1/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled
1 tbsp fresh dill and parsley mixture, chopped

1 tsp butter
1 tbsp flour
100 ml milk, warm

Peel the zucchini. Cut them half in lengthwise. Make a slit around the seeds with the tip of a small knife. Remove and discard the seeds with a teaspoon. Mix the filling ingredients with a teaspoon and fill in the zucchini equally.

In a small pot, melt the butter, add flour and mix them with a wooden spoon. Slowly add warm milk and stir. If you like, you can whisk it. Cover the zucchini with this topping.

Place parchment paper on your oven tray. Arrange the zucchini on it. Preheat the oven 190 C (400 F). Cook for about 25 minutes until the tops are golden.

This is served as an appetizer. You can also serve this dish with Pilaf with Tomato as a light lunch:)

6 servings.



At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow this looks so tasty and I love that it seems simple to make!

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

Hi Nicole,
I hope you like it - this is one of my mum's favourite dishes that I love:)

At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Binnur, Just to let you know I tried this last night and my husband and I loved it! Thank you for this great is inspiring and lots of fun to try! The outcome is always yummy!


At 9:00 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

Hi Rania,
Thank you very much, I'm very happy that you're trying and liking my
recipes:) I have tons more recipes to post which I also hope you will
like :)

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merhaba Binnur :)

I have always cooked Mexican and Caribbean food and I found your site one day as I was looking for a recipe for lentils and now my husband and son are very spoiled and want me to surprise them everyday with something new from this site.

These receipes are easy and delicious and free. Thank you so much for sharing.

At 10:28 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

Hi Rosalina,
What a nice comment:) I am glad you and your family like my recipes:)
Thank you for trying:)

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to make this-I love a bechemel sauce-this sounds yummy

At 10:29 AM, Blogger Petr Mlčoch said...

What a great and easy recipe! I only added finely diced shallot (sort of onion) to the filling and it was delicious.

I found your website when I was looking for some other turkish recipe and I added it to my RSS feeds. This feature I appreciate very much because this way I won't miss any new recipe on your website. Thanks a lot!

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

Thank you for the nice comment:) I am glad you liked this recipe and I
am hoping you will enjoy more of my recipes:)
Take care,

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For this dish. Should I peel zucchini the way I peel patlican??

At the same time, is this peeling in lengthwise strips obligatory? does it help a dish in some way, or we are just up for a nice presentation:)? greetings

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

I don't like to peel the zucchini, I love to see its dark rich green colour:)


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