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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Turkish Olive Oil Dish Recipes

28/06/17: Leeks with Chickpeas in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Nohutlu Pırasa).
18/01/16: Cauliflower in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Karnabahar).
25/11/15: Leeks with Dried Fruits in Olive Oil (Kuru Meyveli Pırasa - Aegean Region).
29/06/15: Shelled Fava Beans in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Ic Bakla).
26/01/15: Celery Root in Olive Oil with Orange Juice (Zeytinyağlı Portakallı Kereviz).
08/12/14: Stuffed Dried Eggplants and Peppers in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Kuru Dolma).
26/09/14: Black-Eyed Peas in Olive Oil (Loğlaz Aşı / Zeytinyagli Börülce).
20/08/14: Tomato-Rice Cooked in Olive Oil (Domates Civesi - Antalya).
30/07/14: Artichokes Stuffed with Fresh Fava Beans Puree (Enginar Çanağında Taze Bakladan Fava).
16/07/14: Grape Rolls with Artichokes in Olive Oil (Asma Yaprağında Enginar Sarma - Ottoman Kitchen).
21/05/14: Artichokes with Vegetables in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Enginar Türlüsü - Aegean Region).
30/04/14: Artichokes Stuffed with Mushrooms (Mantarlı Enginar Dolma - Istanbul).
23/04/14: Swiss Chard Rolls with Potatoes (Patatesli Pazı Sarma - Black Sea Region).
27/01/14: Cabbage Rolls with Green Lentils (Mercimekli Lahana Sarması).
01/11/13: Stuffed Apples in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Elma Dolması - Erzincan - East Anatolia Region).
30/09/13: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Vegetable in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Sebzeli Lahana Sarma - Turhal - Black Sea Region).
20/09/13: Green Tomatoes in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Yeşil Domates - Thrace Region).
15/08/13: Stuffed Mussels (Midye Dolma - Istanbul).
02/08/13: Long Beans in Olive Oil (Antakya Usulü Taze Börülce (Libye) - Antakya - Mediterranean Region).
25/06/13: Ayvalik Style Artichokes in Olive Oil (Ayvalik Uusulu Zeytinyagli Enginar - Aegean Region).
15/05/13: Orange Artichokes and Fennel in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Rezeneli Enginar - Istanbul).
10/05/13: Ricotta Stuffed Peppers (Çökelekli Biber Dolması - Antalya - Mediterranean Region).
27/03/13: Artichokes Stuffed with Avocado Puree (Enginar Canaginda Avokado Ezmesi - Istanbul).
18/03/13: Vegetable Stew in Olive Oil (Şaraşura - Çanakkale - The Marmara Region).
22/02/13: Fennel in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Rezene - Aegean Region).
10/12/12: Cabbage Rolls with Chestnuts in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Kestaneli Lahana Sarmasi - Bursa).
19/10/12: Grape Rolls with Cherry in Olive Oil (Visneli Yaprak Sarmasi).
01/10/12: Butternut Squash with Walnuts in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Balkabagi Kavurmasi - Aegean Region).
12/09/12: Okra with Chickpeas in Olive Oil (Nohutlu Bamya).
14/08/12: Stuffed Tomato in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Domates Dolmasi).
07/08/12: Artichokes with Fava Beans in Olive Oil (Ic Baklali Enginar).
11/04/12: Carrot in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Havuc / Havuc Pilaki).
08/03/12: Grape Leaf Rolls with Bulgur in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Bulgurlu Yaprak Sarmasi).
24/02/12: Okra in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Bamya).
16/12/11: Cabbage Rolls in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Lahana Sarmasi).
31/10/11: Butternut Squash in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Balkabagi Basti).
24/08/11: Stuffed Eggplants in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Patlican Dolma).
15/07/11: Swiss Chard Rolls with Kisir (Kisirli Pazi Sarma).
10/06/11: Stuffed Zucchini Flowers (Zeytinyağlı Kabak Çiçeği Dolması).
02/05/11: Green Lentil in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Yesil Mercimek).
25/02/11: Sour Leek in Olive Oil (Eksili Pirasa).
16/07/10: Zucchini with Rice in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Pirincli Kabak).
26/04/10: Brussels Sprout in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Bruksel Lahanasi).
26/08/09: Sweet Peas in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Bezelye).
09/06/09: Lima Beans in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Ic Fasulye Yemegi).
19/09/08: Artichokes Stuffed with Shrimp (Karidesli Enginar Dolmasi).
18/05/08: Stuffed Artichokes in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Enginar).
05/12/07: Asparagus with Mushrooms in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Mantarli Kuskonmaz).
04/08/07: Romano Beans in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Barbunya).
04/07/07: Artichokes with Rice in Olive Oil (Pirincli Enginar).
19/01/07: Jerusalem Artichokes in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Yer Elmasi).
27/06/06: Grape Leaf Rolls in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Yaprak Sarmasi). *
29/05/06: Zucchini in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Kabak). *
18/03/06: The Imam Fainted (Eggplant with Veggie Filling) (Imam Bayildi). *
08/03/06: Kidney Beans in Olive Oil (Kurufasulye Pilaki). *
15/01/06: Celery Root in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Kereviz). *
23/12/05: Stuffed Dry Eggplants with Seafood (Deniz Mahsulleri Dolmasi).
04/09/05: Stuffed Peppers in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Biber Dolmasi). *
03/07/05: Fava in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Bakla). *
01/05/05: Leek in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Pirasa). *
30/03/05: Flat Beans in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Yesil Fasulye). *

* means this is a Vegetarian recipe.


At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Binnur,

I am new to Turkish food. After an amazing meal at a Turkish restaurant in California, I am in love!! I am looking for something my Turkish waiter called 'tomato sauce'. It was served as a dip with pita before our meal arrived. So delicious!

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that 'tomate sauce' may be searched with the keyword 'ezme'.

- Turkish guy.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

I think what you are asking is Acili Ezme, here is the address;

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous aslan guzel said...

Wow - great recipes - takes me back to my days teaching English in Ankara! Do you have a recipe for barbunya pilaki? Several holidays involved a trip to Kas just to have this in Bahce restaurant!!!!

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Binnur said...

It is also called Zeytinyagli Barbunya:) I've already posted the recipe in this section. Here is the address:
Romano Beans with Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Barbunya)

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could the dip have been tarator and not tomato? I could be wrong, but tarator seems more likely - and yeah, it's good stuff! Binnur - I love this site!

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I just enjoyed a delicious, cold eggplant dish at a Turkish restaurant that was called shaka shuka. Do you have a recipe for this. I couldn't find one online.
Thanks! By the way, your recipe's look wonderful!

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Binnur said...

Thank you:) I've already posted Saksuka recipe under the Vegetables section. here;
There is a google search box on the right site of my blog, just below the google ads. So you can search on my site if "TC" is selected, it will help you to find any recipe that I have posted. You can also search the word of any vegetable or herb or meat or the region or spice, etc.

At 5:02 AM, Anonymous gail said...

hiii binnur i love your website.. i lived in turkey for 6 years and miss traditional turkish food...
the family i lived with used to make something it looks like kufte but they are bigger and only vegetable i dont no the name.. hope you know what i mean n do you have a recepe :)thanx

At 8:03 AM, Blogger Binnur said...

Hi Gail:) I've already posted the Zucchini Mucver under the Appetizer section. here;
There is a google search box on the right site of my blog, just below the google ads. So you can search on my site if "TC" is selected, it will help you to find any recipe that I have posted. You can also search the word of any dish or vegetable or herb or meat or the region or spice etc.
Take care.


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